Nubilium Cloud Server & Cloud Storage


In 2006 start SaaS adventure. Starting from few customers that need flexibility and world wide solution for our ERP, NUBLIUM increase the offer and platform capability. Our Cloud IaaS suppliers are the most well known brands on the world.

In 2014 start NUBLIUM 2.0 ERA. The platform became a world wide solution with a Single Point Of Access. All business ICT instruments will be available in a unique platform world wide.


Single POP (Point of Presence)

Single point of access to all information and business applications. You can deliver all kind of your business information. You can provide your business information across different user profiles in order to regulate "who sees what". emails, documents, reports, business analysis, web collaboration, erp and other business applications (both client and server that three tier), will be accessible from a single point of access. NUBILIUM is platform independent so can be used on any fixed and mobile device with a network connection.


Security & Privacy

Be you the real owner of your data. NUBILIUM give you the platform, storage & computational resource. The key for encryption of your data is retained by YOU and not by NUBILIUM!! All Backup & Disaster recovery alternative places, will be automatically encripted from the source. Our mission is to protect your data. Feel protected by digital fraud and information theft. NUBLIUM has complex protection systems "onion style " to ensure security of data. Only you can access your information.




NUBILIUM offers many Cloud services. Most relevant are:

  • Labinf Sistemi ERP & Application-aware SaaS
  • Server & VDI Desktop as a Service
  • Telework
  • Service Management
  • Privacy & DLP data security as a Service
  • Backup & Disaster recovery as a Service
  • Object storage & Sync Anyware as a Service
  • Web Conferencing & Collaboration as a Service
  • ICT & Security Monitoring as a Service


ERP Software in SaaS service

The ERP management system of Labinf Sistemi is perfect for the management of small and medium enterprises, developed to handle even the most complex processes, always ensuring an excellent value for money, speed of implementation and simplicity of use. Allows your company to be faster and more flexible, in all respects. Visit ERP LABINF SISTEMI



Service Management

Labinf Sistemi develops for many years a policy of partnership with the key players in the market. The partnerships allow us to offer, through our Operations Center, a specific offer of maintenance, technological, application and system support, that solves exhaustive and specific customer needs. This offer is declined according to a modular range of performance, with high added value, based on the management of the interventions of maintenance or support. Visit Service Management LABINF SISTEMI


ICT Outsourcing 

Focus on your business, we provide the ICT! Labinf Sistemi can offer you a fully or partial managed Outsourcing solution. We take care about your actual & future ICT system and clients. IMAC/R is one of our services (Install, Move, Add, Change or Remove). All your computer equipment will be inventoried and managed. Visit Outsourcing LABINF SISTEMI


ICT consulting & design - Project Management

The introduction of an integrated information system involves a technical and organizational complexity. The professional project management ensures the achievement of the goal, in a targeted and timely, using the available resources. The professionals of Labinf Sistemi guarantee a good workflow of the project development, without trouble and act as interfaces to all people involved into the project. Visit Consulting LABINF SISTEMI