Technological Services




 Solutions for integrated services for the mangement of the ICT infrastructure

Labinf Sistemi develops for many years a policy of partnership with the key players in the market.

The partnerships allow us to offer, through our Operations Center, a specific offer of maintenance, technological, application and system support, that solves exhaustive and specific customer needs. This offer is declined according to a modular range of performance, with high added value, based on the management of the interventions of maintenance or support.

The software infrastructure used by Labinf Sistemi Srl for providing of the Service Management, is certified ITIL ® V3


( as well as the procedures adopted by the ICT staff, follow the ITIL ® V3.

In particular:

 • Support and maintenance of products

 • Support and corrective maintenance of the solution, developed with one or more products

 • Regular preventive maintenance that allows to carry out a periodic review of the solution, and to respond to management problems encountered.

 • Third level Application Maintenance, the objective of which is to ensure a maintenance in operational conditions and a controlled evolution of the solution of the client.

 The service ICT Management of Labinf Sistemi includes the management of workstations, servers, network devices or mobile devices.

 The service is delivered as cloud or on-premise, then in remote mode without the help of in site technician.

 The service is transformed from a pure cost center to a center of valuable services for the enterprise, with certain costs under control and with the flexibility to be adapted to your needs.


The solution intends to solve the common problems of integrated management of the ICT infrastructure, by automating the processes to respond efficiently to the following requirements:

  • Use the least amount of tools to perform all tasks.

 • Knowing how many machines are there, and most importantly, what exactly is installed on.

 • Save time by not repeating a work on many machines.

 • Know what is really happening on the machines.

 • Distribute the software on every machine in a less costly way.

 • Monitor and manage PC, Mac, Linux and PDAs from different environments in a practical way.

 • Perform all required activities without hiring a technician.


Why the Enterprise ICT Service Management of Labinf Sistemi is the solution for your company

  • The ICT Service Management remedy effectively to all customer issues. In fact:

    • with a single interface meets all the needs of the IT department, optimizing the resources invested;

    • allows you to run fully automatically the same operation on an unlimited number of machines;

    • records all transactions, so it is easy to find out what happens on a machine;

    • allows you to automate the distribution, the software update and inventory;

    • allows an integrated 360° management;

    • can do the work of many technicians  in a fraction of the cost and time.


Why the Enterprise ICT Service Management of Labinf Sistemi is convenient?

• Depending on the level of service you choose, the cost is flat monthly fixed for each workstation, server, network device or mobile device, which is managed.

• Service "On-Demand" can be activated by the customer for special needs, with cost metered and under control. Without Surprises.

• Logistics management for the acquisition of new workstation, server, network devices or mobile devices. Deliver them to us and we prepare them with your specific costs flat for device installation. We deliver it ready to use.

• Reporting the final details of the carried activities.