IT solution for the integrated management of Business, Manufacturing and Commercial Processes

The WORK FLOW allows you to define, optimize, monitor and integrate business processes, in order to create a process aimed at making efficient and effective the business of the company.

The WORK FLOW is a new tool for business process management that has the aim of speeding up and simplifying the management and the improvement of business processes.

The WORK FLOW is an integration of the management software Labinf LICOGE-LIGEST, and has been designed to automate and manage all business processes subject to an approval flow.

 The WORK FLOW allows you to speed up and simplify:

 • the registration of documents

 • the approval process of a document

 • the monitoring of the progress

 • the archiving of documents

 • the research and theaccess to a document

 • the life cycle of a document



Starting with the organization and the dynamic of the activities, you can draw custom processes and define the flow of approval corresponding to the real needs. This flow will become the engine of the WORK FLOW for the management of the process itself.

The WORK FLOW provides a set of tools to organize, play, control and optimize production processes in order to simplify the controlled distribution of documents, to secure the management of IT assets and allow immediate control of the progress of the documents.


It is possible to have under control all operations within its competence and to be informed about deadlines, waiting times and execution of activities.


It is possible to monitor the progress of the documents and their history, showing who approved them, how long it took, which process they have accomplished.


Fairness of procedures (ISO certification, laws and regulations) is guaranteed by the modeling of processes within the organization.


The documents, which are approved through electronic signature, reach with certainty the final destination, without risk of changes.


Access and entitlements are controllable at all levels: the use of a single process to access to data.