Access Control and Attendance Tracking

 IT solution for the Management of Attendance / Absences and Access


Activities related to detection of attendance require increasing attention: flexible working hours, shift changes, enforcement of contracts with different rules are now part of the daily activities of the Personnel Office, which have to deal with a growing amount of work.


With this background, detect and manage appearances in a Company is essential to introduce a real cost containment and a reduction of management activities: integrated and scalable Time & Attendance solutions are needed, which can communicate with external applications to export the data collected in payroll management products or ERP products, allowing an advanced management of Human Resources.

Labinf Sistemi solutions for Time and Attendance integrate software applications and the latest generation of terminals, designed and manufactured to make it easier to work every day: the web interface of the application, together with the management of different access profiles, allows:

- employees to check their card by entering requests, expense reports and justifications for work assignments;

- managers to check the presence in the Company and approve the requests of its employees

- the Office of Personnel, relieved from routine tasks, to dedicate himself to strategic management of resources.

The attendance systems proposed by Labinf Sistemi are modular and scalable. Also available in open source mode boundle.

The subsystem Attendance - Absences Access Control belongs to the suite of procedures LIGEPE (management staff) who are an integrated set of application programs designed to meet the multiple needs of a Private Company and a Public Administration, which intends to apply particular attention not only to the administrative and accounting staff aspects, but also to the organization ones.


The main feature of the subsystem is the high flexibility of programs that, being highly parameterized, meet the administrative and accounting multiple situations present within the company, without the direct intervention of specialized personnel.


Architectural solution open, integrated, scalable, parametric, flexible and adaptable to changes in the operational and organizational nature of the company over time. The terminals stampers, able to read different types of identification badges (optical, magnetic, proximity), are built with advanced technological components and they satisfy the criteria of high quality and reliability, as well as the collection of stampings made (System Collecting Data) is assigned to a versatile software, modular and optimized for the specific function.


The procedure manages the planned absences and does not control the absences on duty and the carrying out of working hours. The system can handle all types of time: fixed, flexible or variable cyclic shifts. The high parameterization allows you to associate each employee to a time slot and a calendar of personal appearances. Specific statistical tabulations and focused data query options allow total control of the situation and the total control of each employee with respect to ordinary working hours, possible recovery, the various casual overtime, absences and presences (travel, illness, paid leave, and not , overtime, holidays / day / night, etc.), due to holidays, pay and be paid and the traceability count with the liquidation of compensation.

The function of the ID cards allows the justifications and the questions about the situation of presence or absence by employees. Each employee can activate, from any workstation running a web browser, after setting his own password, the option of printing and business profile of their situation time, but also the option to justify its absence (justifications then validated by the Head of Office ).


The application is highly parameterized and closely interconnected with the management of procedure of presence-absence; the application controls the access to the rooms and sensitive areas, enabling or not the input and / or output to the company staff. Specific parametric tables allow you to set the time, days, hours and allow some employees to pass through the gates, the functions are enabled thanks to passwords associated with each badge.