The ERP solution for the management of the theater, developed in a open source web environment

Opera is an ERP designed for the integrated management of the Theatre including a broad spectrum of activity, from complex multi-year projects to the occasional or daily activities.

Opera provides a very flexible and accurate support in managing the activities of planning and coordination, to accord very different needs and methods of operation, typical of theater realities.

Opera has been realized for react in a timely manner to the changing conditions of the situations managed and always allow a speedy solution in line with the planned activities.

The planning of work within the Theatre is a complex task because of a series of structural factors, as the heterogeneity of the activities carried out, the partiality of the information available at the time of planning, the possibility of sudden and drastic changes in the planning and the exceptions on the management rules to follow.

Opera is designed precisely to support the various Executive and Operating Unit in their planning, review and production activities, ensuring best accessibility and interaction with the data according to the roles and the organizational steps where they are involved.


Opera allows you to manage the economic aspect of all activities that are the subject of planning, starting from the definition of Actual Budget Projections up to the Final one.It manages cash flow, general accounting and cost accounting system, it carries out the control of cost centers, it manages the invoicing and purchasing process, the assets and the warehouse stock.

Opera lets you to schedule, coordinate and manage all the main activities of the theater, in particular the definition of timing and methods of carrying out various activities, the allocation of space and equipment resources and the allocation of human resources.

The human resource management mainly includes activities concerning employment contracts, time programming, access control, attendance recording and wages management for the various types of staff: from the employee, to the artist, from the professional to the occasional performance, according to the specific standards.

Opera also allows the management of the maintenance of the facilities and the place, by supporting the technical direction in the maintenance planning, the management of operations, the cost control and the management of the service with a dedicated CRM.



Long-term, Medium-term, Short-term and Very short-term planning.

Instrumental and human resources allocation.

Work hours Programming.

Choir and Orchestra Organic Management.

Service Fire Brigade Management.



Contract Management.

Access Control.

Attendance Management.


Electronic ID Card.

Availability management.


Travel expenses and Payroll.



Forecast budget and past expenditure.

Cash Flow Control.

General Accounting.

Analytical accounting.

Quote to invoice and Purchase.


Warehouse Management.



Maintenance management of installations and areas. Actions Planning. Services support and CRM.

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