Image - Document management and protocol

The IT solution for managing the archiving and protocol of documents

Labinf Sistemi IMAGE PRO tools, allows to manage in a simple and efficient way the processes of optical storage and logging, providing access to all data anytime and anywhere thanks to its web-based architecture and its full integration with the enterprise information system ERP LIGEST.

Over the years, IMAGE PRO has evolved technologically to make more efficient and easy the digital archiving of documents.

Labinf Sistemi IMAGE PRO is a business tool that can be useful to all organizations, regardless of the size, optimizing the amount of documentation produced and improving the sharing of information.

 The preservation, dissemination and sharing of documents within organizational structures are crucial aspects that induce the company managers to seek the best solutions to solve these problems, in the field of new technologies.


The consolidated Labinf Sistemi experience in the management area allowed to articulate a comprehensive and integrated proposal for the management of optical storage and registration of documents, fully integrating them into the ERP LIGEST.

The architecture of IMAGE PRO allows you to operate within a single integrated framework, both for documents management and their registration, while allowing to activate a single module in an autonomous and independent way to meet different needs.

The documents consultation can be done directly from the ERP LIGEST or via WEB using a standard browser and an internet connection.

All information relating to archived documents are managed in a structured and optimized manner to facilitate the process of identification, consultation and document sharing.


IMAGE tool, allows the construction of a database containing the images of the documents, in digital format, so you will be able to find and represent them in their original form. Being integrated with the enterprise information system, is able to automatically archive documents and make them easily available for consultation in different management procedures.


PRO tool, manages the registration of documents in input and output, allowing a rapid and effective identification.

The result is a flexible, efficient, easy to use solution, able to grow and evolve dynamically with the needs of the company.

Labinf Sistemi IMAGE PRO acquires, identifies, shares and preserves documents, allowing users to easily search the archives and quickly find the documents stored.

 It is an open, integrated, flexible and parametric architectural solution, consisting of a procedure for document management, IMAGE, and a procedure for logging management, PRO, which together allow you to work in a single integrated framework, both for document management and for the registration of them, fully integrated with the enterprise information system ERP LIGEST of Labinf or with third-party manufacturers.

For further information see the product brochure.