ERP Solutions

The IT solution for the integrated management of business, production and commercial processes

  • International Information System
  • Three Tier Architecture in order to have the possibility of using Web Based Functions
  • Platform and database independence
  • Operating environment in the Internet / Intranet
  • Integration with Office Automation products
  • Inclusion of Help on Line


FLEXIBLE: capable of managing different business realities and heterogeneous sectors;
SCALABLE: able to evolve over time according to the growth and the new needs of the company;
INTERNATIONAL: capable of administering companies with offices and branches outside the Italian borders;
VERSATILE: able to adapt to the company organization;
DYNAMIC: able to grow and upgrade to new IT technologies.

The ERP management system of Labinf Sistemi is perfect for the management of small and medium enterprises, developed to handle even the most complex processes, always ensuring an excellent value for money, speed of implementation and simplicity of use.

In order to obtain a long-term success, is essential to use a comprehensive ERP system, developed to support the planning and control of all enterprise resources. In fact, only a management solution that integrates all processes into a single information system always guarantees a clear picture.

Allows your company to be faster and more flexible, in all respects.

The solution supports the growth of your company and integrates all the information and business processes into a single software and into a single database, letting users to control their activities in a comprehensive and real-time way, regardless of where data are created or stored.