CRM - Customer Relationship Management


Sales and Marketing in your hands.

The CRM allows you to manage all activities related to acquired or potential customers relationship, so you always have in mind the situation, you anticipate future needs and, therefore, seize every business opportunity.

The Labinf Sistemi CRM is a business tool that can be useful to all organizations, regardless of the size, because the phases of the cycle pre-sale-sale-after-sales are the same for every business and industry.

The Labinf Sistemi CRM allows you to manage in a simple and efficient way the customer management processes, providing access to all data anytime and  anywhere thanks to its web-based architecture and its integration with the enterprise information system LIGEST.

In an increasingly competitive market, it is important for every company to optimize relationships with its stakeholders, create new ones and focus the business on its customers, based on the behavior and profile of each customer.

The consolidated experience of Labinf Sistemi in the management field allowed to articulate a complete proposal for the management of customer. The CRM suite allows you to increase sales success and provide superior service to customers.

The Labinf Sistemi CRM is designed for the management of commercial activities and customer relationships, includes all the features of marketing, sales, service and support and it is fully integrated with the enterprise information system ERP LIGEST of Labinf or with third-party manufacturers.

The Labinf Sistemi CRM provides all the tools to develop a 360 ° the potentiality of customers and to build strong, trusting, personal, long-lasting and fruitful relationships with them.

All information relating to customer relationships are managed in a structured and optimized manner to facilitate decision-making and that information are made available in a single place, in a single database thanks to the flexibility and high integration of the CRM platform.

By integrating all the activities of client management in a single environment, Labinf Sistemi CRM allows you to accurately monitor the different stages of the sales cycle, through indicators and reports, and allows you to act in a coordinated manner with specific proposals for both existing customers and to potential customers.

If necessary, you can expect integration with third-party products through appropriate customizations.

The result is a flexible, efficient, easy to use solution, able to grow and evolve dynamically with the needs of the company.

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