Business Intelligence

Transform your data into a competitive advantage

Most companies generate and process a large amount of data, but few companies exploit them to create competitive advantage and to achieve high results.

Labinf Sistemi helps you to optimize business information processing them appropriately, in order to enable you to make decision as effectively as possible. 

From default reports to ad-hoc analysis, with Labinf Sistemi’s consultants you can get the data in the required format, allowing a better understanding of the data from customers.

The private companies sector is characterized by more pressing rhythms and dynamics: for this reason, it is increasingly necessary to have applications and technologies that add extra value to the data collected, allowing a view of data as a decision support. 

Data extracted from the management information system are loaded in a structure similar to a cube. In a data model OLAP (On Line Analytical Processing), the information are displayed as cubic, which contain the descriptive categories (dimensions) and the quantitative values (measures).

OLAP makes it easy for users to formulate complex queries, to organize data in reports, to produce new statistics and, furthermore, to filter a given expressive data in a subset.

For example, the typical dimensions of a cube, containing business information, include the time factor, the geography, the product, the trade channel and the organization.

Labinf Sistemi experts are able to integrate management solutions with the Business Intelligente systems, but they can also help customers with consulting activities in the context of data analysis.



Design of interactive reports customized for web, printing or portable devices.


Dashboards creation with internal or external data, for managers and for those who have to make decisions. 



Exploration of data with powerful OLAP relational analysis tools or in-memory analysis from any data source. 

Data integration 

Creation of data mart or data warehouse from a variety of sources of relational or non-relational data.

BI platform

Centralized storage, saving and distribution of reports, dashboards and analysis views within the company or the Web.

Labinf Sistemi Business Intelligence solutions, specially designed for web based environments, allow you to select only the features you need.