In view of the fundamental importance that the quality is for their own work activities, Labinf Sistemi intends to promote the maintenance and development of a quality management system with the objective to define, formalize, implement, and improve over time the specific skills and procedures that govern the conduct of all business activities in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.

The objectives that the Administration of Labinf Sistemi aims to achieve, through the implementation of the quality system, are the follows:

  • rationalization of the production process
  • elevation of the quality of staff
  • increase market competitiveness

Aware of the fact that the achievement of these objectives and the establishment of new and more ambitious goals of continuous improvement is based on both the will to carry on with perseverance and determination of the Quality Policy and the ability to train, engage and empower all staff at different levels, the Administration of Labinf Sistemi is committed to make available the human, material and economic conditions necessary for the effective operation of the quality system, in the certainty that from this has to come the further consolidation of the relationship with its customers, based on the utmost satisfaction of their needs.

The quality of the solutions Labinf Sistemi is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

The safety of the procedures for the implementation of IT solutions is a guarantee of a safe product, tested and with the highest quality.